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SecondScr is a customizable out-of-the box solution that provides content for mobile phones and tablets that can extend the TV shows with extra content, live voting, discussions, advertisements, coupons, etc. SecondScr is an universal solution and can also be used for online or radio shows or any kind of live or recorded events, talent and quiz shows, advertisement platforms and like! SecondScr is also connected to the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Google and Twitter, so it does not require special registration from your users. Clients available for iOS, Android and Windows-powered Phone and tablets.

SecondScr Features

SecondScr includes all the modules you need to go live right away. Moreover, as our valued customer, you can also give your two cents to re-prioritize our development roadmap to get creative new modules as soon as possible. Tailored custom modules or interfaces to your broadcast or online systems can also be delivered for you for a reasonable price. With your creativity and the combination of our modules and reliable technology, there comes a brand new world for your users.

SecondSCR Full Feature Set (PDF)

Low response time

SecondScr was designed for millions of users; neither lags or latency can be experienced thanks to the smart load balancers.

Full control

You have a full control over your contents. You can create separate live contents for your shows, You can define the start time for each contents and You can also start and stop contents manually from the administration site.

Well scaled

The architecture was designed for the cloud, it automatically allocates new resources and provides constant low response time handles easily even millions of users. Besides that You always have backup systems and your data are in safe.


In order to improve your content and shows we provide statistics to you on the administration website so You can see who are using the application, which contents are popular, when do people use the application and many more.

Fully Customization

The solution provides fully customizable content for your shows. Shows and episodes can be created dynamically, each episode can have a customized menu hierarchy and the menu can contain dynamic elements like videos, audio records, comments, template based contents, etc. The live content of the shows can be created from the asset library that is basically a content library for You that you can extend with any type of further asset items.

Target selection

SecondScr is an interactive solution where You can contact your users always via push notifications. If you want to send different messages for different target audience e.g. based on their location, age or interest, then You have the possibility to create custom target filters for the messages.



Just click on the Play and Stop buttons in the admin panel's first row to get a clue how seamless the application reacts to the editor's requests.

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